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A variety of products for treating skin problems

Treatment kits

Body and face treatment kit

In order to achieve positive results in topical treatment of cases of psoriasis on the body areas, the skin should be cleansed, dried and nourished. That is why our skin care kit exclusively includes three natural products, each of which leads to our coveted goal - a long respite from the disease.

scalp treatment kit

In order to effectively treat skin diseases in the hair area and perform the most effective and best treatment for scalp psoriasis, it is generally recommended to use products developed specifically for the treatment of scalp diseases. There are two steps in the scalp psoriasis treatment process.

Natural products for treating skin problems

Over 20 natural ingredients


Anti-inflammatory, effective in treating acne, dermatitis, monitors and treats bleeding cells.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and beneficial in treating skin infections.


Contains Flavonoids, Azulene anti-inflammatory compounds that accelerate the healing of skin ulcers, wounds and burns. In natural medicine, chamomile flowers are used to treat various skin lesions such as eczema, psoriasis, skin irritations and dry and scaly skin.


The natural formula for relieving skin problems

PsoEasy’s natural treatment products contain an active formula aimed at treating various skin symptoms caused by various skin conditions.

Our formula is based on many years of research, regular testing and monitoring of different patients and a lot of feedback from our clients. The products show positive results of significant relief of psoriasis symptoms such as dandruff, redness, irritation, itching, dryness and cracks in the skin, as well as on other skin effects and defects such as: eczema, fungus, rash, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea and skin infections.

Perfect balance of ingredients
Up to 20 active ingredients

Treatment and prevention

Natural ingredients

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is responsible for protecting the body from the entry of infections and other harmful factors. It is no wonder, then, that it is particularly vulnerable to environmental and temporal damage.
Medical Cosmetics (also called “Therapeutic Cosmetics”) specializes in various types of skin treatments: firming and toning, removing moles, blurring scars, treating cellulite, and more.
The world of medical cosmetics produces new products designed for the care of our skin, but are they really all beneficial to us?
Here are some reasons why you should choose natural and non-synthetic or chemical products to treat skin problems:
• Safety: Natural care products are much safer for the body. Sometimes they are designed to cure a particular skin lesion, but in the process they damage other body systems.
• Nutrition: Natural skin care products not only treat the specific problem but are also rich in ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera and tea tree oil, contributing to the nourishment and health of the skin.
• The environment: Natural substances are not harmful to the animals or plants with which they come in contact, and do not pollute the environment.

product spotlight


Mild Natural Oil for relieving skin dryness. This natural active oil improves the skin’s moistness & softness level and is made of an extract of unique plants known for their good properties, particularly for cases of very dry skin.

This Active Oil contains natural ingredients including: Sea Buckthorn seed oil, tea tree oil, calendula oil, wheat germ oil and grape seed oil known for its vitality for very dry skin.



די. אס. פי – מוצרי בריאות בע”מ נוסדה בשנת 2001,
מאז שנוסדה עוסקת החברה בפיתוח וייצור של מוצרים לבעיות עור. המטרה ליצור מגוון של מוצרים טבעיים לטיפול אלטרנטיבי המיועד להחליף שימוש במשחות עם סטרואידים ונגזרות טאר למיניהם כפי שמקובל לתת היום כטיפול במקרים של מחלות עור כרוניות שונות כגון: פסוריאזיס, אטופיק דרמטיטיס, סבואריאה, אקזמה וכו.
מוצרי החברה מכילים בעיקר מרכיבים טבעיים ועשויים מתמציות צמחים, שמנים אתריים, ומינרלים. כל המוצרים שלנו מכילים מינרלים מאזור ים המלח.

בתחילת דרכנו על מנת לפתח את הפורמולות הייחודיות שלנו, נעזרנו בבוטניקאי מהשורה הראשונה, בדרמטולוג ובכימאי. יחד עשינו כמה וכמה הרכבים שונים עד שהגענו לפורמולה שנתנה הכי הרבה תגובות חיוביות בקרב לקוחותינו. המחקר, המרכיבים, השילובים והתמהילים המיוחדים של המוצרים שלנו, הם שעושים אותם לכל כך מוצלחים ואפקטיביים.

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